Grimes, Musk don't seem to agree on how baby's name is pronounced


According to Musk then, his son's name is X Ash Archangel Twelve.

Elon Musk has made a triumphant return to the Joe Rogan podcast, following his first highly publicized weed-smoking experience with Rogan.

When speaking with Rogan, Musk said he enjoys being a father later in life. Musk also reflected on how odd it was to have a child in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, though he was happy his son was born on May 4, Star Wars Day.

The baby's name is X Æ A-12: The X is pronounced "like the letter", Æ is spoken like "ash", and A-12 is said how it appears.

CNN has noted that California state law says official names can only include the 26 letters of the alphabet.

Speculation about how to pronounce bouncing baby X Æ A-12 has been rife, as has the meaning behind it - and whether it's even legal as a moniker. By the way, it's worth pointing out that Grimes' real name is Claire and Elon is a common Israeli name - so this name is just projection for both of them.

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There are other layers to this part of the name as well; Grimes explained that Æ is "my elven spelling of Ai (love &/or Artificial intelligence)".

New parents Elon Musk and Grimes have cleared up how to pronounce their baby's non-traditional name, X Æ A-12. "I appreciate it more".

But Grimes got one of the plane details wrong, and Musk let her know it. "Great in battle, but non-violent", she added.

Although Musk later corrected his partner, saying it was actually "SR-71".

The boy is Grimes' first child. He shares five sons with his ex-wife Justine Wilson, and also tragically lost another son, his first child, at just 10 weeks old from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).