Children's illness may be linked to Covid-19


Fifteen children ages 2 to 15 are exhibited symptoms of Kawasaki disease, which involves inflammation of the blood vessels, the city health department said.

Symptoms among these kids included "persistent fever", as well as features akin to those found in sufferers of Kawasaki disease, which causes inflammation of the arteries, and toxic shock syndrome. He said, "The problem is that the symptoms of Covid-19 and Kawasaki disease overlap, and we're anxious that parents of kids who have a fever may not want to bring them into the hospital for fear of Covid, but it could be Kawasaki disease and it won't get treated".

More than half of the patients required blood pressure support and five needed mechanical ventilation, but no fatalities were reported among the cases, the department said.

"This is really only a disease that has been clear for two weeks now, so there is so much we're trying to learn about this", the chief of pediatric critical care at Cohen Children's, Dr James Schneider, said in an interview Tuesday. New York City is nearly 3% of the USA population, so one would expect about 150 cases based on the 2009 number, ignoring the fact that New York hospitals may have non-New York cases.

While it's previously been reported that cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, presents more mildly in children, doctors are examining a potential illness that may have links to the virus.

Among the 15 cases, four tested positive for COVID-19 using a diagnostic test, and six tested positive using an antibody test (also called a serological test), which shows evidence of a past infection with the virus.

State health officials also reportedly investigating the unexplained syndrome.

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The syndrome resembles Kawasaki disease, authorities said, an inflammatory condition of the blood vessels in which children develop high fever, rash on the back, chest and abdomen, bloodshot eyes, swollen hands and feet, swollen lymph glands and swelling around the mouth and lips. In New York City there have been 13,724 deaths of laboratory-confirmed COVID patients. "Only severe cases may have been recognized at this time", the bulletin said. But now officials in New York City say 15 children there have been hospitalized with the mysterious symptoms.

Overall, reports of serious COVID-19 complications remain rare in children.

No solid data yet exists about how many children in the United States have fallen ill with what doctors are calling "pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome". Twelve children in the United Kingdom, who all reported the same Kawasaki-like symptoms, had to be placed in intensive care, according to the Guardian.

A team at Stanford Children's Hospital in California reported a case with similar features.

Warnings have been issued by pediatric societies in Britain, Spain and Italy.

The family took Juliet to a nearby hospital, where they were told that she was experiencing an acute form of heart inflammation called fulminant myocarditis.