Children are falling ill with a baffling ailment related to COVID-19


The coronavirus has thrown yet another curveball, possibly producing a new illness in children, who have been thought to be largely spared from the ravages of the respiratory disease.

France, Italy and Spain has also reported several cases.

Although COVID-19 affects children less frequently, officials say they have been diagnosed in the NY area with a serious mystery illness connected to it that affects the heart and blood vessels.

NHS England has sent an urgent alert to Global Positioning System warning that symptoms are similar to Kawasaki disease - a rare illness that triggers inflammation in the walls of the blood vessels.

It can cause persistent fever, abdominal symptoms, rash and cardiovascular symptoms, as well as heart-related or blood vessel-related shock requiring intensive care.

And while one doctor in the story said the "children have been doing OK for the most part", parents are encouraged to call their doctor if their children exhibit any of the symptoms.

Respiratory symptoms were reported in "less than half" of the patients in NY, according to the same NY health department update, which also noted the majority of patients who have presented with the syndrome have tested positive for either COVID-19 or corresponding antibodies.

"The clinical syndrome described, that of atypical Kawasaki shock syndrome, or toxic-shock syndrome, can be precipitated by various stimuli and it is conceivable that this cluster was caused not by Covid but as a result of some other infective or non infective stimulus", he said. "Some of these children are very ill with inflammation in their intestines, their heart or other organs", Dr. The mysterious new syndrome has cropped up in recent weeks among children in hot spots around the country, in an indication that the risk to children may be greater than anticipated. O'Leary said that the disease started in Europe and there are signs that most children will recover from it.

'End of the beginning' of fight against COVID-19
Henry said during an epidemiology presentation today, May 4, that looked at how B.C. has "deflected the curve". COVID-19 has claimed three lives over the past two days, bringing the death total to 117.

Sixty-four children in New York State have been hospitalized with a rare, life-threatening inflammatory illness linked to the coronavirus, a new state Health Department report released Wednesday reveals.

A new report seems to show there is a link between Covid-19 and an emerging deadly inflammatory syndrome that affects some children.

Dr Sanjay Patel, a consultant at Southampton Children's Hospital, said: 'It's important to keep this in perspective.

More doctors have reported Kawasaki-like cases in Los Angeles, Boston, Louisiana and MI.

He cautioned against jumping to conclusions about the illness and comparing it to Kawasaki disease, pointing out some differences.

At least 64 children and adolescents in Britain are battling the disease. "Overlaying more than 1 million cases of COVID-19 throughout the United States, there will be some overlap", Dr. Hicar said.

Any suspected cases of pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome in people under the age of 21 must be reported to the State Department of Health.