Boy, 9, Is 1st French Death From Likely COVID-Linked Illness


The CDC said that some cases may look like Kawasaki disease, but their cases should still be reported if they have the symptoms for this new condition.

The syndrome has been reported in Europe and North America in recent weeks, as children were admitted to intensive care units with the disorder and battled multisystem organ failure.

Up to 100 children in the United Kingdom have been affected and studies suggest the same reaction is being seen in children elsewhere in Europe.

Logan wants to remind parents it's especially important to pay attention to such inflammatory illnesses, and hopes people learn more about Kawasaki Disease during this time. Symptoms seen in affected children in France have included persistent high fevers, intense fatigue, rashes and stomach pains, Michel said. Majority had no major lung of breathing problems but some were put on ventilators to help heart and circulation problems.

In the new study, published Wednesday in the journal Lancet, doctors in Italy compared a series of 10 cases of the illness with cases of a similar rare condition in children called Kawasaki disease.

The infant was irritable, had conjunctivitis and dry, cracked lips.

"It's considered a delayed reaction, so from the cases that they've had in NY, most of the kids have had the reaction afterwards", Dr.

"So, we have to be careful and respect all the barrier measures", the ministry said.

At least three children have died in NY, health officials have said.

Amid the sustained drop in infections, the government has increasingly rolled back restrictions meant to curb the outbreak.

A child with a face mask held on a woman's arm
New York medical staff are investigating up to 85 cases of children with the syndrome

"This shouldn't stop parents letting their children exit lockdown", Prof Viner added.

"Each child was initially believed to have Kawasaki disease and received treatment from the hospital's team of experts in infectious diseases and Kawasaki disease". It should be suspected in all deaths in children who had evidence of COVID-19 infection, the CDC said.

"This does not represent a change in the way the disease behaves", he said at the press conference. It's one of the leading causes of heart disease in kids but doctors can treat it if they find it early and most children recover without any problems.

What is the situation elsewhere in the world?

CBS News reports that 200 cases of the illness are under investigation in 19 states and Washington D.C.

Then on April 27, the National Health Service England issued an alert regarding a severe inflammatory syndrome similar to Kawasaki disease, which seemed linked to COVID-19 and was afflicting children.

"A young Kansan is hospitalized at Children's Mercy in Kansas City with the syndrome", KDHE Secretary Dr.

The children, who had an average age of seven, tended to have severe symptoms such as heart complications and signs of toxic shock syndrome.

All pupils will be required to wear face masks during recess in open areas, and those in grades 4-12 will also wear them in class.

He said none of the children he has seen recently with this syndrome had any underlying disease, but they all had antibodies for the coronavirus.

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