50-50 Chance to Launch Rocket Successfully on Saturday


The California-based SpaceX is also developing a rocket and spaceship created to go to the moon and Mars. She also hosted on Wednesday and says everyone is eager to attempt the launch yet again. "Hey, where was this weather Wednesday afternoon?"

Those hoping to see a rocket from Elon Musk's SpaceX in Suffolk's skies were left disappointed - after the launch was delayed due to poor weather. The U.S. Air Force's 45th Space Wing estimates a 60% chance of unfavorable weather that day, as well as during the backup launch window on Sunday, May 31, Space.com reported. Rain and clouds were the main concerns for both days.

Plans for SpaceX's first manned space flight were interrupted due to bad weather - and after an alligator invaded NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida! "I think our teams worked together in a really impressive way, making good decisions all along", NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said afterwards. Or, the team could choose to attempt the launch and scrub late in the countdown again if conditions look threatening.

According to NASA, the launch attempt had encountered no major technical issues, but launch weather officials told SpaceX Launch Director Mike Taylor that there wasn't enough time for weather to improve before the instantaneous launch window would pass.

"We had too much electricity in the atmosphere", Bridenstine said.

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There were concerns the launch could have triggered lightning. Flying through precipitation raises the risk of the rocket gathering a static charge during flight, which could attract a lightning strike from nearby clouds.

Wednesday's procedures were still valuable, he emphasized. "We had never done a wet dress rehearsal", Bridenstine said.

"We're ready for the next launch opportunity!"

"We are so proud and happy for Doug and Bob", astronaut Nicole Mann, who is slated to fly on a future commercial launch on Boeing's Starliner spacecraft, said in a NASA statement.

The mission will represent the first launch of astronauts from the US since 2011, so some have speculated that eagerness to achieve the milestone may lead to increased risk-taking. Since that time, Atwell has followed his dreams and has covered events dealing with NASA's Commercial Crew flight assignments at NASA's Johnson Space Center and other space-related events in the Lone Star State. "I just want people to know that when we balance all of these things, there is always, always, always going to be uncertainty".