White House aiming for Trump pivot from coronavirus to economy


With a handful of USA states taking steps to revive their shuttered economies, schools and shops in some parts of Europe also opened up as the rate of people dying slowed in the worst-hit European nations. "We like to keep reporters on their toes", White House strategic communications director Alyssa Farah tweeted, with the light-hearted addition of a winking emoji.

The testing issue has dogged the administration for months. Trump tweeted on Saturday.

The comments set social media ablaze late Thursday and into Friday, both supporters defending and opponents mocking the president for his comments.

"The testing is not going to be a problem at all".

The three-million figure probably reflects only a fraction of the actual number of infections, as many countries are testing only the most serious cases.

Researchers at Harvard University have estimated the country needs to be testing a minimum of 500,000 people per day, and possibly many more. Trump stated the present whole, up sharply in latest days, is over 200,000 per day.

Please continue to follow LifeSiteNews.com to stay up to the minute on this and many other stories that are important to you. It includes a focus on surveillance testing as well as "rapid response" programs to isolate those who test positive and identify those with whom they came in contact. The administration goals to have the market "flooded" with exams for the autumn, when COVID-19 is predicted to recur alongside the seasonal flu. Trump and administration medical experts outlined the plan on a call with governors Monday afternoon, before Trump announced that businesses such as CVS would expand access to tests across the country.

In more recent weeks, they have also become a platform for Trump to put forth his own theories on the coronavirus and potential cures, or to attack his political enemies.

Trump Suggests Injecting People With Disinfectant To Kill Coronavirus
Doctors warned the president's idea could have fatal results. "It's a common method that people utilize when they want to kill themselves".

President Donald Trump, 73, didn't understand or accept responsibility for the spike in people using disinfectant improperly when he answered one reporter about the subject at a press briefing from the Rose Garden on April. 27.

Aides had been trying to move the president on to more familiar and safer, ground: Talking up the economy in more tightly controlled settings.

Some Republicans fear Trump is doing his re-election prospects more harm than good with appearances that often turn into harangues against reporters, and have watched his approval numbers drop at a time when they should be gaining steam.

Trump indicated over the weekend he could halt the daily press briefings that have underpinned his shambolic response to the pandemic, drawing widespread criticism for their similarity to campaign rallies rather than public health briefings.

But hours later, Trump it turned clear Trump had different concepts.

"They listen when the governor holds a press conference, and they certainly pay attention when the President of the United States is standing there giving a press conference about something as serious as this worldwide pandemic", Hogan said.

There have been almost a million infections with more than 56,000 coronavirus-related deaths in the United States and the pandemic has shut down huge swathes of the economy.

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