Twitterati Are Hailing PM Narendra Modi After Donald Trump's Latest Tweet


India has lifted a ban on some drug exports, including the experimental COVID-19 treatment, hydroxychloroquine, after United States President Donald Trump threatened possible retaliation if New Delhi failed to ship the anti-malarial medicine to the US.

India has removed bans on Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) after facing pressure and perhaps a prospect of retaliation by the USA and President Donald Trump.

Brazilian President Bolsonaro also tweeted in Portuguese about his discussion with the PM, saying he requested the latter for support in the continuity of the supply of pharmaceutical inputs for the production of hydroxychloroquine.

The change in the Indian government's policy follows President Donald Trump's comments warning of possible retaliation if the country doesn't meet the United States order for the drug.

The drug is a common painkiller which has been in short supply in countries affected by coronavirus after a warning was given about another common painkiller - ibuprofen - amid fears it could make symptoms worse. As an outcome of my direct conversation with Prime Minister of India, we will receive, by Saturday, raw materials to continue our production of Hydroxychloroquine so that we can treat patients of COVID-19 as well as of Lupus, Malaria, and Arthritis.

The job power for Covid-19 has beneficial the usage of hydroxychloroquine for infections amongst "asymptomatic healthcare workers involved in the care of suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19" and "asymptomatic household contacts of laboratory-confirmed cases".

Apart from receiving requests for "sizeable" orders from the USA, around 30 countries, including Brazil and several south Asian nations, have asked for a supply of HCQ. The U.S. gets almost half its supply of the drug from India.

Mr. Bolsonaro also said he was convinced that joint efforts by India and Brazil will help both the countries in overcoming these "strenuous moments".

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It was the second time in 24 hours, that Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his decision.

India on Monday agreed to lift the ban on export of hydroxychloroquine to the US.

India had allowed exports earlier as effectively to different countries on humanitarian grounds on case to case foundation on the advice of the ministry of exterior affairs. "We will remember it", Trump told reporters at his daily White House news conference on coronavirus on Wednesday.

Global stocks are however limited and Trump said that he had pressed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi this weekend to expedite shipments, hinting at consequences otherwise. The U.S. has had more than 13,000 coronavirus deaths, compared to about 150 reported in India.

As of Wednesday, India had over 5,200 coronavirus cases and 149 deaths, though experts said authorities need to test more to determine how widely the highly infectious disease has spread in the world's second-most populous country.

"I asked him (PM Modi) if he would release it?"

India has obtained related requests from a number of different nations together with its instant neighbours like Sri Lanka and Nepal. He said the government has been assessing the quantities that can be exported while ensuring internal demand is met.