Ticketmaster Changed Its Refund Policy and People Are Pissed


It's unclear when the ticket retail giant quietly changed the policy to "refunds are available if your event is cancelled".

In a statement provided to USA Today Monday, Ticketmaster said its refund policy for postponed events has "been consistent" and was merely edited online for clarity.

The ticket seller, owned by Live Nation, previously had a statement on its website saying there would be refunds offered for cancelled, postponed and rescheduled events. I just hope that people can get their money back because they need it right now,"Bradshaw said".

As reported by Digital Music News, Ticketmaster - the world's largest ticket seller - posted Friday that it is no longer offering refunds for shows that have been postponed, even if the ticket holder can not attend the new date or if a new date has not be scheduled (as most haven't).

For postponed events, StubHub buyers are unable to redeem the coupon, forcing them to wait until the event is officially canceled, re-sell the ticket, or apply the ticket to the event's new date. Now customers will receive a coupon worth 120% of the ticket's original value. StubHub also suggests that customers can sell their tickets in the StubHub marketplace. Now, some concertgoers have taken issue with Ticketmaster moving to make those funds harder to recoup.

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Raimondo had also issued an executive order last month saying that people returning to Rhode Island from NY had to self-quarantine for two weeks.

Ticketmaster admits to changing the language on their website but says that the policy has always been the same.

Around the country more than 20,000 events have been canceled as a result of the coronavirus.

It basically states that if future events are still scheduled you will be contacted with updates on cancellations and alternate dates.

"If an event organizer is offering refunds for postponed or rescheduled events, a refund link will appear on your Ticketmaster account", says the site in its message, putting the impetus on the event organizer as to when refunds may be offered.

In yet another upset to concert goers, one health official estimated that large gatherings - including concerts, festivals, and sporting events - may not be able to resume until fall 2021.