Peters, Stabenow call Joe Biden a ‘champion for Michigan’ in endorsement


It comes after Joe Biden's last rival in the race, Bernie Sanders, backed him on Monday. While Biden's campaign had hoped to hold massive rallies to roll out the support of the Obamas, it is settling for a digital rollout during virus-related social distancing.

The 44th President has so far refused to comment on the race, instead providing private counsel to those in the party who sought his advice.

The 70-year-old spoke of seeing Mr Biden's capabilities up close when he was vice president and she was helping the White House establish a financial watchdog agency. Biden didn't wait for the endorsement, however, to capitalise on their relationship.

The endorsement is in an effort to bring the democratic party together ahead of the election and will give him access to a network of donors and other allies.

The Massachusetts senator dropped out of the presidential race last month, shortly after a disappointing third-place finish in her home state.

A presidential ticket with Cortez Masto could improve Biden's support among Latino voters, who chose Senator Bernie Sanders in the Nevada caucus.

Cortez Masto, 56, a senator from Nevada, succeeded Democratic Senator Harry Reid, an influential party power broker and Biden supporter.

"It's either going to be Donald Trump or Joe Biden that will be elected president in November, and we have to live with the reality of those choices and I know that there may be a lot of folks that are uncomfortable with that".

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Warren's endorsement is important to Biden as the senator from MA is a respected liberal standard-bearer for the Democratic Party. According to The New York Times, Mr.

But Ms Warren could reinforce a unity message if picked as vice president. "And I believe Joe has all the qualities we need in a president right now".

In his TikTok, Ahmed said Sanders supporters don't get brownie points to sticking by their ideology.

Former White House hopeful Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday endorsed her onetime rival Joe Biden, becoming the final major Democratic candidate to publicly support his presidential bid.

She did not, however, provide any names for who she wants it to be despite speculation and several names circulating that Biden is considering, including some of his past competition for the nomination.

"He and I haven't always agreed on everything, but we've always shared a conviction that we have to make America a fairer, more just, more equitable society".

But in her video, Warren suggested that Biden was willing to be swayed on some issues.

In the video, which details Biden's history starting out in a blue-collar family in Scranton, Pa., Warren asserts that "Joe Biden will lead a government that works for all Americans".