ONS reveals rising in COVID-19 care home deaths


"On each day most deaths occurred in hospital, however, we are starting to see more deaths occurring in private homes and care homes", the ONS said.

As well as recording the total number of deaths caused by the coronavirus, the ONS has also published data from the UK's Care Quality Commission (CQC), a body which regulates health and adult social care services in England.

In week 15 (April 10), care home deaths made up 26.6 per cent of all deaths, which has risen to 32.7 per cent of all deaths in Week 16 (April 17).

The ONS tweeted: "There is a difference in the numbers because we include all deaths where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate, even if only suspected, and we include deaths that happened in hospital and the community".

The new source of data comes alongside the Office for National Statistics (ONS)'s weekly release, which records the number of coronavirus-related deaths occurring outside hospital.

The goverment has vowed to include care home deaths in its daily figures after it was revealed that it is where a sixth of coronavirus fatalities are.

That - and different reporting periods for registrations of deaths - has led to varying estimations in the British media.

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Care home operators said they feared the sector will become "sadly the most affected area of society in terms of deaths from Covid-19".

Two more people have died of coronavirus at North Devon District Hospital.

A healthcare support worker had also expressed concerns to the MP that their PPE was inadequate.

Victor, from Loughton, Essex, who runs a care home, asked the Health Secretary during the LBC phone-in about the virus in care homes after 12 of his residents died when someone with Covid-19 was moved in.

Last week, a Financial Times analysis based on the gap between the significant increase in all deaths and those that mentioned coronavirus put Britain's true death toll at over 40,000.

There are 157,149 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom and 21,092 coronavirus patients have died in United Kingdom hospitals.

Five people from West Berkshire died with coronavirus in hospitals the following week, the first week of lockdown. The total was 11,854 more than the rolling five-year average.