Mental Health Research Prioritized in Age of COVID-19


It will support adults and youth aged 16 years or older who are experiencing a mental health or addictions crisis who can not safely wait for community mental health and additions support.

If funding doesn't come through, Eaton fears an "echo pandemic" of mental health after COVID-19, which would put even more pressure on acute-care services across Canada.

Britain last month pledged £5 billion (RM21.83 bilion) to the health service to fight coronavirus and finance minister Rishi Sunak said extra services that were needed would be funded "whatever it costs".

Although social distancing is holding back the spread of COVID-19, it will undoubtedly have negative consequences for mental health and well-being in both the short and long term, say public health experts.

It also calls for research to understand what makes people resilient in the face of this crisis, and actions to build resilience in society - whether supporting people to sleep well, be physically active or do activities that improve their mental health. "This suggests the need for remote approaches for outreach and screening for loneliness and associated mental health conditions so that social support can be provided", the authors note.

Kenney adds that the results of a recent survey show 87 per cent of Albertans feel their mental health has suffered because of the pandemic.

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The public show of appreciation for the NHS has been matched with generosity, with amateur runners, footballers and even a 99-year-old war veteran among the people raising millions of pounds to support the health service.

Writing in mental health journal The Lancet Psychiatry, psychologists called for a greater level of monitoring when it comes to the public's mental health during the lockdown measures.

"18 new cases of COVID-19 infection were confirmed in Lagos on April 15, 2020. This effort must be considered central to our global response to the pandemic".

Studies have found that SARS and other disease outbreaks have led to an increase in suicide rates and a number of health care workers experienced emotional troubles.

'Increased social isolation, loneliness, health anxiety, stress and an economic downturn are a flawless storm to harm people's mental health and wellbeing, ' said Rory O'Connor, professor of Health Psychology at the University of Glasgow. "We are calling on funding bodies, research institutes and policy to act now to limit the impact the pandemic has on all our lives".

As of midday Thursday, 980 health care workers had COVID-19.