Lifting virus restrictions too quick could spark 'deadly resurgence'


Despite its geographical proximity to Wuhan, China - the place where Coronavirus cases were first reported - Taiwan today has just 380 Covid-19 cases and five deaths at the time of writing this.

Speaking to reporters in Geneva, Switzerland, Tedros said there had been a "welcome slowing" of epidemics in some European countries - Italy, Germany, Spain and France - but there had been an "alarming acceleration" elsewhere, including community transmission in 16 countries of Africa.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the MOE and mainland universities have taken various measures to ensure the health of Taiwan students studying on the mainland and offered support to their study, the official noted.

He said that he would not tolerate any form of insults from some "super power" world leaders who are bent on denigrating the black African community.

"We anticipate severe hardship for already overstretched health systems, particularly in rural areas, which normally lack the resources of those in cities". "They even started criticizing me in the middle of all that insult and slur, but I didn't care", said Tedros, who had been asked to comment on U.S. President Donald Trump's criticism of the organization. "The infection numbers in Africa are relatively small now, but they are growing fast". "World Health Organization wants to see restrictions lifted as much as anyone", he told a virtual press conference in Geneva.

Trump's remarks put him at odds, not for the first time, with the top USA infectious disease expert, who warned that although early hotspots for the epidemic, like NY, were showing positive results, it was too early to relax restrictions.

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"The way down could be as deadly as the way up if not managed properly", He added. Austria, for instance, aims to gradually ease the exit restrictions and reopen shops and businesses from mid-April.

And sixth - and I can not over-emphasize this point - that communities are fully aware and engaged in the transition. "We have to work together, and we have no time to waste", he added.

Despite continuing infections across the USA, the country worst affected by coronavirus, Trump told reporters at his daily briefing on Thursday that the United States was at the "top of the hill" and that he hoped to open up the economy "very, very, very, very soon".

The video titled, "An Open Letter to Dr Tedros" uploaded by Vivi Lin has since gained over 1.2 million views, 80,000 thumbs up and 5,000 comments on Youtube. Taiwan can truly help the world's response to Covid-19. Yet without evidence, #Taiwan is accused of orchestrating personal attacks. Could WHO make the same statements against a member country? "No need. You have many other ways to prove yourselves".

The initiative will be coordinated by WHO and the World Food Programme, building on existing collaboration between multiple partners from within and outside the UN.