#KIMJONGUNDEAD Goes Viral Amid Speculations About North Korea's Kim's Alleged Demise


The sources declined to be identified given the sensitivity of the matter.

The liaison department could not be reached for comment yesterday. It cited one unnamed supply in North Korea. South Korea's spy agency claimed in 2016 that Kim had gained an enormous amount of weight because he suffers from insomnia due to assassination fears.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said: "I think the report was incorrect". About a week or so ago, CNN reported Kim was in "grave danger" after a medical procedure. The particular person mentioned he didn't have any touch upon Kim's present situation or any Chinese involvement. The team left Beijing on Thursday for an unspecified reason, but which is believed to be providing advice on Kim's health.

Other Kim family members who might take over include Kim Pyong Il, the 65-year-old half-brother of Kim Jong Il who reportedly returned home in November after decades in Europe as a diplomat. A collective leadership would likely be headed by Choe Ryong Hae, North Korea's ceremonial head of state who officially ranks No. 2 in the country's current power hierarchy.

Reuters' April 24 report provides the most recent and detailed information on Kim's apparent health.

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CNN and several other media outlets then quoted unnamed USA officials who said they were monitoring news reports - or possibly other, new intelligence - suggesting Kim was sick. He has not been seen in the past week which is especially peculiar since he was absent from celebrating North Korea's most important holiday on April 15th, the Day of the Sun, which honors his grandfather. In 2014, Kim disappeared from state media for over a month.

South Korean government officials initially reported on Tuesday that Kim was handling state affairs as usual, and that the government showed "no unusual activity" following rumors of Kim's poor health.

Last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping made the first state visit in 14 years by a Chinese leader to North Korea, an impoverished state that depends on Beijing for economic and diplomatic support.

Retired Special Forces Colonel David Maxwell also told the Military Times a military response may be necessary by the US and South Korea in the event of unrest from the country.