Infinity Ward Confirms Tough New Measures For Dealing With Warzone Cheaters


Going forward, players suspected of cheating will be plonked into matches with eachother. It has even pushed some console Warzone players to disable cross-play, awaiting further action from the developer, Infinity Ward.

From the very start, Call of Duty: Warzone has made sure to kick out cheaters from the game, permanently. In addition, there'll be more security updates and more resources put into backend tech.

Here's how Activision/Infinity Ward plans to deal with cheaters. Additional dedicated security updates are also being introduced, along with the added functionality to be able to report players when in Killcam and Spectate modes.

With over 50 million players jumping into the free to play battle royale title in its first month, it's clear a reduction in cheating is a major focus for the developers.

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Infinity Ward has outlined plans to combat cheating in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone, including matchmaking suspected cheaters together.

Most interestingly though, matchmaking will be updated to throw suspected cheaters together into what we can only assume will be lobbies of chaos, with each player's cheats balancing out so they no longer provide an advantage - which is a brilliant idea which the original Titanfall also applied. Xbox One and PS4 have been opting out of crossplay due to the influx of aim botters on PC.

There's no confirmation on when this will make it to the game just yet, but fingers crossed the changes coming this week will mean your chances of facing a cheater in-game drop significantly.