India’s authorities consider narrowing lockdown to Covid-19 hotspots


Fulton County, Georgia, which includes Atlanta, is likely to suffer more deaths than the adjacent Douglas County.

Speaking to IANS, D.J. Christopher who is the President of Indian Chest Society said, "The report is disturbing as it appears that air pollution exposure could affect Covid-19 disease severity and death".

Counties with higher pollution levels, Dominici said, "will be the ones that will have higher numbers of hospitalisations, higher numbers of deaths and where numerous resources should be concentrated".

The study has been submitted to the New England Journal of Medicine for peer review, the New York Times reported.

Maharashtra has the highest number of positive cases in the country with 1,018 COVID-19 cases.

That's especially concerning in Southern California, where Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties regularly rank among the worst in the nation for long-term particulate matter pollution, or PM2.5.

Meanwhile, areas with greater pollution levels should be bracing for more severe cases and potential deaths. They could see what they had not seen for the last 30 years.

"The results suggest that long-term exposure to air pollution increases vulnerability to the most serious outcomes from Covid-19", said Dominici.

The correlation between coronavirus deaths and pollution was found even when there was only a slight increase in the amount of air pollution in a county. Most PM2.5 comes from emissions generated by cars and trucks, power plants, and industrial sites.

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By contrast, the same 17-day period last year failed to register a single day of "good" air quality - and in the first 17 days of March this year, only three days saw "good" air quality.

Analysis by the BBC Shared Data Unit found an even starker drop in air pollution since the lockdown was announced on 23 March compared to the same period previous year - halving at some of the most polluted sites, including readings in London, Glasgow, Bristol and Oxford.

West Bengal Chief Minister reported five deaths after a newly-formed expert committee confirmed two more deaths. Breathing in such microscopic pollutants, experts said, inflames and damages the lining of the lungs over time, weakening the body's ability to fend off respiratory infections. Preprints are becoming more common during the pandemic as researchers struggle to provide results of studies that may provide clues to the fight against the virus.

In an interview, Zhang called the Harvard study "very much consistent" with his findings.

The Harvard study gathered data from roughly 3,000 US counties, which account for 90% of confirmed COVID-19 deaths nationwide, as of April 4.

China pollution before the coronavirus lockdown.

The researchers also conducted six secondary analyses to adjust for factors they felt might compromise the results.

Wednesday, April 8, has, so far, been the deadliest day in the United States since it started recording Coronavirus statistics from infected patients. "They should have enough personal protective equipment, enough ventilators, enough ICU beds to deal with COVID-19 patients". The authors noted that it's hard to "accurately quantify the number of COVID-19 cases due to limited testing capacity". But, Balmes said, "It's still a valuable finding".