Global coronavirus death toll tops 200,000 fatalities


The next day in connection with the sharp increase in the number of cases in NY and a sharp drop in the stock market trump has declared a state of emergency in the country and stopped the traffic with Europe, which at that time became the new epicenter distribution COVID-19.

The Post, citing unnamed current and former USA officials, said the warnings were contained in the daily classified summary of the most important global issues and security threats.

The Post said the president had received multiple heads-up about the looming catastrophe as the coronavirus started to spread, but failed to mobilize for a major pandemic.

Trump claimed in late February that coronavirus cases would soon "be down to close to zero", and did not declare a national emergency over the pandemic until the end of March, as virus cases were on the rise in NY and the stock market nosedived.

Officials tell The Washington Post that US President Donald Trump often does not read intel briefings and bristles at having to listen to summaries.

The US president's disregard for the intelligence community's warnings has now resulted in tens of thousands of American deaths, a battered economy, nationwide lockdowns and overwhelmed hospitals.

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Trump added: "I think we've done a great job".

It took 91 days for the global death toll to top 100,000, but only another 16 for it to move past 200,000.

The number of dead in the US from COVID-19 surpassed 55,000, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University. Of these cases, at least 809,400 are said to be recovered.

NY is the worst-hit state by the pandemic with 22,269 deaths and more than 288,000 cases, followed by New Jersey with 5,976 deaths and over 110,200 cases.

There are more than 3 million confirmed infections globally with over 208,100 deaths, while almost 879,000 people have recovered.

Trump said the nation has lost a lot of people. According to sources, this information was reported to the Trump in early January.