Georgia to Reopen Movie Theaters & Other Businesses on April 27


The governor in neighboring Tennessee planned to let businesses in most of his state begin reopening as soon as next week.

During his news conference on Monday, Georgia governor Brian Kemp (Republican) said that gyms, bowling alleys, barber shops, hair salons, nail salons and other similar businesses can reopen this Friday.

Ian Jones, who owns four restaurants in the Atlanta area with about 100 employees, said he's concerned that Kemp's order could force people to reopen before they are ready because lenders and landlords might stop being forgiving.

Bars, nightclubs and live performance venues will remain closed.

The state's announcement comes two days after the Trump administrations hosted a call with Kemp and the governors of Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi and Florida over the weekend, which involved discussed approaches for reopening their state's economies.

The state also removed restrictions on public access points to the state's beaches, public piers, docks and wharfs, further delegating the authority to restrict access, if necessary, to local officials.

Of course, SC is also loosening some restrictions; a variety of retail stores were allowed to re-open Monday afternoon as long as they operated at 20 percent capacity or less.

Some businesses will be allowed to reopen as early as April 27, but it was unclear exactly which ones.

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"Our Economic Recovery Group is working with industry leaders around the clock so that some businesses can open as soon as April 27", Lee tweeted.

The state of Georgia remains under a stay-at-home order until 11:59 p.m. on April 30.

"In light of that in light of the common sense being shown by the great people of SC, we are ready to take some steps that will help SC assure that our economic health is as strong as our public health", McMaster said. "But what these trends also show is that with the right precautions, we can take small steps to get more Vermonters back to work and avoid a spike in cases that would put lives at risk".

He brought up the serious number cases in Georgia and said there has not been a 14-day downward trajectory in the state, asking how it's possible to maintain physical distance at some of the establishments Kemp says can be reopened.

SC recorded almost 4,500 infections and 124 fatalities, while Tennessee has over 7,200 cases and 152 deaths. Kemp also said Georgia's drastic measures helped ease the pressure on the state's healthcare network.

SC has identified 4,439 positive cases of COVID-19, with 124 deaths, the state health department said Monday.

The virus has spread to 185 countries and regions since emerging in China last December.

According to data provided by Johns Hopkins University, 1,433 people died from the virus in 24 hours ending on April 20, bringing the death toll to more than 42,000.