Gates Foundation ups COVID-19 pandemic fund by 150 mln United States dollars


Bill Gates who has openly been critical of the response of the U.S. government to the global pandemic as pledged $250 million to help the world develop an effective coronavirus vaccine.

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spreads across the world, the search for the manufacturing of a vaccine has begun to take centre stage as a priority for the world's leading national, business, and scientific bodies.

Pulling funding from the World Health Organization (WHO) is a unsafe and nonsensical move when the world is facing the health crisis brought by the Covid-19 disease pandemic, Melinda Gates said on Wednesday. "Beating this pandemic will require an unprecedented level of global funding and cooperation", said foundation Co-chair Bill Gates.

The foundation will also leverage a portion of its $2.5 billion Strategic Investment Fund, which uses a suite of financial tools to address market failures and incentivize private enterprise to develop affordable and accessible health products.

The same day the Gates foundation announced it was investing more funds to support the fight against the infectious disease.

Gates, who recently left his position at Microsoft, where he was a co-founder to support work on COVID-19, is working hard to prevent the outbreak from spreading with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a nonprofit organization where he is chairman.

Our partners and frontline workers across the African continent are performing extraordinary feats, but a global pandemic requires a global response, and the responsibility for action must rest with us all.

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Some is also for helping the poorest countries in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, which lack supplies, equipment and infrastructure to counter the new epidemic.

Pandemics have a way of magnifying inequalities. That makes Gates the latest individual - along with Dr Anthony Fauci, the leading United States infectious disease expert - to be ensnared in the flow of right-wing punditry that has denigrated those who appear at odds with Trump on the virus. "The world needs WHO now more than ever".

People living in extreme poverty are also less likely to be able to practice physical distancing because they can not afford to stop working.

The U.S., is the largest funder of the public health agency.

The donation builds on previous commitment of $100m and will be directed to worldwide efforts to develop diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines.

As word spreads that Bill Gates, like all the world's richest men, has used the deadly virus to profit from it or thin out the world's population, he becomes a target of criticism, anti-campaign and conspiracy theories.