Coronavirus Could Spread From Shoes — CDC


He was also held on suspicion of making false and misleading claims about the capability of the tests.

The new coronavirus survives on the floors of hospitals treating infected patients and on the shoes of medical staff caring for them, according to new data released Monday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The virus has so far spread across 52 of the continent's 54 countries.

"We are nearing the peak right now", Dr. Robert Redfield told NBC's Today show.

"Even though the seasonal coronaviruses found in MI are related to SARS-CoV-2, we do not know whether that virus will behave like the seasonal coronaviruses", said Arnold Monto, the Thomas Francis collegiate professor of epidemiology at the U-M School of Public Health.

Both the WHO and China responded to Trump's criticism by publishing detailed timelines of their actions to tackle the outbreak, while WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned that politicizing the issue would lead only to "more body bags".

India Extends 'Total' Lockdown By Nearly 3 Weeks
He revealed that a set of guidelines will be issued tomorrow. "The country has benefited from social distancing and lockdown. Indians will not get a respite from the lockdown, just yet, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a short while ago.

"There are a number of states - 19, 20 states - that really have had limited impact from it". However, Redfield said that mitigation steps like social distancing and staying physically separated would like to have to be in place until a vaccine is developed.

At least 17 million Americans have lost their jobs since state and local governments began shutting down businesses last month.

"The CDC is science-based, data-driven, [so] until we see it, we don't know for certain [there will be a resurgence]" Redfield said. These 10 states combined accounted for 38% of the country's total economic output in fourth quarter of 2019.

The CDC reported on Tuesday that more than 9,000 health care workers in the USA tested positive for the coronavirus over a two-month period ending April 9.

The plan is titled "A Framework for the Reopening of America" and indicates that the reopening will take effect "not before May 1", reported the Washington Post.

Almost three quarters of infected healthcare personnel were women, and half were over age 42, likely reflecting "the age and sex distributions among the USA healthcare personnel workforce", the report said. In the first phase, a national communication campaign and community readiness assessment will be done through May 1. Alongside, production of personal protective gear and testing kits will be given a boost through May 15. Hence some level of mitigation will be required till a vaccine is developed.