Corona epidemic reduce in NY, soon things will improve


For now, he's telling NY residents to stay at home, warning the curve could start climbing again if they don't, mandating schools and nonessential businesses stay closed through April 29.

Governor Cuomo has begun deliberations into reopening New York State's economy, although the way ahead is still unclear.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, like many of her peers in other states, was moving in the other direction, ordering stay-at-home directives extended through at least 30 April.

He said that if this hospitalisation rate kept decreasing at its current rate, then the health system "should stabilize" over the next couple of weeks.

Cuomo said NY state now had 90,000 hospitals beds, up from 53,000, and just 18,000 residents currently hospitalised. "Behind this number are individuals and families, and untold loss and pain". Likewise, the rate of new intensive-care admissions and intubations - when patients are put on a ventilator - also plummeted.

The total was up from 777 the day before, but short of the record 799 reported Wednesday.

As of Thursday afternoon, there were almost 160,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the state.

The statewide death toll, at 7,844, is now more than three times the number of people who died during 9/11. Fewer people are going to hospitals each day. It is shocking to see NY state alone beating many other countries in terms of confirmed cases. "They came here because they love New York City and they wanted to help New York City in our hour of need, " de Blasio said.

The state has shut down schools and non-essential businesses to slow the spread of the virus.

Stark Numbers For Canada's COVID-19 Projections
Air Canada had similarly said 16,500 of its laid-off employees were also taking advantage of the program. With spotty controls, we could still be battling the tail end of the pandemic a year from now, she said.

Cuomo said Thursday he had two choices: layoffs or a pay freeze.

"We need a tremendous, mind-boggling increase in testing many as you can make, you can use", Cuomo said.

Cuomo warned that there could be a second wave of infections and said it was too early to say when the city might be reopened again.

"We have to be more prepared as a nation", Cuomo said.

"The actual curve is much, much lower than any of them projected", Cuomo said.

The big variable in the models was social distancing, the governor alleged, with modelers having to guess not only what policies would be enacted but also how many people would obey the policies. "He didn't close them and he can't open them", Cuomo said. "If we don't do things right or get thrown a curve ball we may have to tighten restrictions further".

But the death toll is grim.

China, where the deadly virus has originated from has 81,907 confirmed cases.