Canada, US extend border restrictions for another 30 days


The Canada-United States border will be closed to non-essential traffic for 30 days longer than originally planned.

"The agreement is the same terms".

"[Saturday's] investment will help thousands of businesses bridge to better times, including many that are owned and run by indigenous women", Trudeau says.

The arrangement would involve virtual sittings every Tuesday, with MPs across the country taking part in the equivalent of two question periods.

But officials in Canada have said it would still be a matter of weeks.

The border closing came March 21 as a way to stem the coronavirus pandemic.

The U.S. has the most COVID-19 cases in the world, with more than 700,000 positive tests.

Before the pandemic, around 400,000 people crossed the border each day.

United Kingdom extends coronavirus lockdown for 'at least' another three weeks
The lockdown extension was formally announced by UK Government during the daily press briefing at Downing Street this afternoon. The Department of Health reported: "327,608 people have been tested of which 103,093 tested positive".

"We will continue to take the measures necessary to keep Canadians safe while ensuring the continued flow of our essential supply chains on which so many Canadians depend", Trudeau said. So, people won't be able to cross the border for a while still.

Many of Canada's confirmed coronavirus cases have come from people who had returned from travel in the USA, according to the Associated Press.

Canadian residents who live in the USA and are returning to Canada are also exempted from the travel ban.

US goods and services trade with Canada hit an estimated $718.5billion in 2018.

Canada sends 75% of its exports to the US and about 18% of American exports go to Canada.

Saturday's announcement of aid to Indigenous businesses followed yesterday's announcement of $1.7 billion in aid to Canada's oil and gas sector.

The #COVID19 pandemic has brought many industries to a halt, and workers across the country are struggling.