Call of Duty Warzone gets duo option in only Plunder mode


Some of them are so enraged, in fact, that they're turning off cross-play just to have a few Call of Duty: Warzone games without cheaters. They learned that a whopping 65% of them found Gulag mode - which is where players go after dying to fight to stay in the game - too hard. Thankfully, we now know when it will be coming back. But now, PS4 and Xbox One Warzone junkies are facing these nefarious dudes, so, unsurprisingly, they're disabling cross-play as a result.

An April 8 patch brought about both Duos and Quads to much fanfare. The company first replaced the highly popular Trio option, without highlighting it.

Warzone's April 14 playlist update introduced a brand new take on the Trios formula.

The update also added a new variant to the game that limits players to sniper rifles and shotguns only.

The new addition came at the cost of standard Trios once again, however.

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Thankfully, Infinity Ward has made it easy to turn off crossplay in Warzone. However, there's no telling if the mode will become a permanent fixture now after having been re-implemented twice due to community demand.

However, while it was nice to have something a bit different in Warzone, a lot of players were frustrated that is was added in place of standard trios, limiting the basic battle royale action to just solos and quads.

"We hear you loud and clear!"

Infinity Ward removed the trio option once more which at this point was a complete disaster. The limited-time game mode, Scopes and Scatter Guns was swapped out for the more traditional Trios. People who choose to play Warzone with a controller earn the most frustration, since controllers are eligible for aim assist.