California governor blasts beachgoers who fled to shore over the weekend


People also went to beaches in Ventura County over the weekend, but Ventura County officials say those people followed social distancing guidelines. He said it would be a matter of "toggling" between loosening restrictions and tightening them again as the state explored how best to exit the stay-at-home order.

Newsom said he would not direct state police or park rangers to issue citations to individuals who were just out quietly with their children or walking their dogs.

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA - April 25: People gather on the beach north of the Newport Beach Pier on April 25, 2020 in Newport Beach, California.

"I don't want to be punitive", he said. But if there are people thumbing their nose and taking a risk ...

"You think about the long game.this is potentially a COVID-19 generation that is going to be playing catchup for many years", said co-author and NWEA's executive research vice president, Beth Tarasawa. Law enforcement and local officials in Orange and Santa Cruz counties plan to meet in the coming daysto discuss potential tactics or additional orders to limit beach access.

The coronavirus outbreak was not over in California, where 45 people have of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours and 1,300 more cases were diagnosed.

"The virus is as transmissible as it's ever been", Newsom said.

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The government has said 40 per cent - or some 10 million people - would be needed for contact-tracing to be most successful. But privacy experts say there needs to be more transparency about the development of the app to ensure public support.

"The virus doesn't take the weekend off because it's a handsome sunny day around our coasts", he added. "It is ubiquitous, it is invisible and it remains deadly".

Six rural counties have asked the governor to carefully ease business restrictions while six San Francisco Bay Area counties on Monday said they'll extend their local restrictions through May.

Newsom urged Californians to continue to heed the state's stay-at-home order, which was put in place in March, and has yet to expire.

The governor also announced on Monday that Colorado and Nevada will be joining California, Oregon and Washington as a "Western States Pact", which will have a "shared vision" for lifting or modifying the regional stay-at-home orders.

But coordinating public health rules and schedules for re-opening across five states may be complicated.

The academic year could start in July or early August to prevent further learning loss that may have been worsened by school closures in California, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Tuesday. The governor said the public and press will be able to listen in to this discussion of economic recovery strategies.