Billie Jean King says ATP and WTA merger long overdue


File image of Noah Rubin.

"I think, hypothetically, it would be a pretty good position for a tennis player to be in, because you know that every single decision being made is made in the best interest of the game", Cahill told the National newspaper.

Switzerland's Roger Federer, left, and Spain's Rafael Nadal pose before their "Match in Africa" exhibition match in Cape Town on February 7.

According to the ATP website, Rubin has earned $33,000 this season, although deduct expenses and that doesn't offer much financial security, especially with professional tennis on hold until at least mid-July.

"It's a tough thing to say, but I am nearly hoping that it hits rock bottom", Rubin told Eurosport's Tennis Legends podcast that goes out later on Thursday.

"I heard about the men starting an association and I went to a lot of the guys and I said, "Why don't we have one association, so we can all be together and we would be such a phenomena", she said. "Other sports aren't in trouble as much as we are, let's do something".

Tennis world number three Dominic Thiem expressed scepticism Sunday about plans to set up a fund to help lower-ranked players struggling because of the shutdown of the sport.

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"Finally, the governing bodies of tennis and the Grand Slams are getting together and working collaboratively on the long-term future of the sport", confirmed the 46-year-old Italian, who as a player won three ATP Tour titles and reached 18 in the rankings.

"It just shows you culturally and generationally how the younger men today, they really do believe their daughters and sons should have equal opportunities", King said.

"Did anyone ask the majority of the ATP what they think about merging with the WTA and how it is good for us?", he tweeted.

"At, Tennis Australia, we are an advocate of finding better ways to deliver our sport globally".

"I think, to a large extent, everyone will take this". The brands and all the actual money that comes out of it and create something that's bigger and better than ever. "This could be one of those times when we see generational change".

Rubin says that while he can scrape by for a while, he knows of friends on Tour who are struggling to pay rent.

"They just need to find the right way. There must be something wrong with the sport or the system itself".