'Animal Crossing' update to add new seasonal events, art merchant


Elsewhere the next Animal Crossing New Horizons update will see the museum expand, with the art gallery finally opening up to visitors.

Jolly Redd, an art dealer, will also visit islands occasionally to sell items from his Treasure Trawler boat.

The updates include both visits from new villagers and a series of limited-time events pegged to upcoming holidays and will start rolling out later this week on April 23.

First off, the character Leif will begin heading out to player islands with a selection of flower seeds, shrubs, and other greenery to purchase.

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Additionally, for those who have piled up the amount of weeds from picking them up all over your island, Leif takes them for 20 Bells. You can also purchase uniquely colored furniture, however, there is a catch. Completing the card will give players an in-game reward. Players will need to determine whether the art pieces Redd sells are actually real, as unfortunately he stocks quite a lot of knock-offs.

Nature Day (April 23-May 4): adds new nature-themed Nook Miles challenges. And yes, that art can be donated to the museum's new art wing. The full headline reads, "Animal Crossing's Nature Day event is a farce - the Nintendo game teaches kids toxic lessons about the environment". And then, starting on Monday May 18, Animal Crossing will mark International Museum Day.

The free "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" Spring update includes a selection of new events and characters that will be in-game for a limited time.