Shocking experiment shows your hands may be dirtier than you think


Proper hand washing involves rubbing the palms together, rubbing the backs of the hands, interlocking fingers both backwards and forwards, scrubbing the thumbs, and then washing the fingertips. An antiseptic soap is not mandatory for routine hand hygiene.

To show the difference a hand-washing can make, used Glo Germ lotion, in a March 2018 experiment, which revealed under a UV light how dirty our hands really are.

Health experts, including officials at the World Health Organization and Canada's health ministry, can not emphasize this enough.

Hand-washing is a crucial part of avoiding the spread of disease. Twenty seconds in a blip of time in the large picture of one's day, and that is all it takes to wash one's hands in a manner considered to be effective. According to reports, the World Health Organization has advised people to regularly and thoroughly wash hands with an alcohol-based hand run or wash them with soap or water.

The tips come in light of new research from YouGov, which found that only 35 per cent of people had been following United Kingdom government guidelines on washing hands thoroughly and using hand sanitiser following the spread of Coronavirus over recent weeks. "For example, someone with long nails could be cognizant of the 20-second hand-washing benchmark but could neglect to clean the underside of their nails effectively, allowing risking that when they scratch their nose or rub their eye, they infect themselves".

We know there are a group of people that simply don't wash their hands and accessibility is not the issue.

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Any soap is good soap, but if you have a choice, Dr. Sonpal recommends a liquid one.

Washing hands is better than hand sanitizer, whenever possible because the gel often leaves behind a few germs.

And when washing your hands isn't an option?

The CDC recommends you scrub your hands "for at least 20 seconds" - which is the same amount of time it takes to hum Happy Birthday twice.

The poll put a range of scenarios to respondents, asking how frequently they washed their hands after urinating or defecating at home, at work and while out and about. But if you're bored shitless of singing Happy Birthday, it turns out there's a bunch of certified bangers that also have 20 second choruses.

Lathering causes friction, which strips pesky germs and dirt from the skin.