Radio Recap - Mini-Super Tuesday: Can Sanders Survive?


Today could be a huge turning point in finding out which Democratic candidate will take on President Donald Trump - and all eyes are on MI as voters head to the polls. While Michigan proved a hard state to poll in 2016, the latest surveys taking the 2016 electorate into account showed Sanders trailing Biden by double-digits in the Great Lake State.

"Joe Biden, I think he's like you know a strong candidate to go against Donald Trump", said Cara McDowell of Detroit.

Despite the trends toward Biden, today's mini-Super Tuesday represents Sanders' best and possibly last chance to reshape the race.

Since last week's romps, Biden has roared into the national lead in polling and delegates, knocked out his remaining viable rivals except Sanders and swept up another wave of endorsements from prominent Democrats and former rivals such as Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker.

Both lawmakers are touted as possible vice presidential picks for Biden.

"We will ensure that reliable, affordable public transit is accessible for seniors, people with disabilities, and rural communities", his campaign website said, adding that Sanders would "promote transit-oriented development to link this service to popular destinations and vital community services".

"We want them to feel comfortable exercising the right to vote", Schoeller said.

According to exit polls, on Super Tuesday Black voters broke for Biden by 41 points. "Believe me, Trump will and has already talked about Joe's record on trade", Mr Sanders told CNN.

"He's also really a Republican in my view", Greenwood, who owns a downtown coffee shop, said of Biden.

Coronavirus found on cruise ship as more US states report cases
The number of the cases in the USA stood at about 200 on Thursday, including 12 deaths - 11 in Washington state and one in California .

"Unions built the country", Biden said, yelling through a bullhorn. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in contributions from those states.

The coronavirus confronts political campaigns with all manner of challenges.

A sign that Biden would bounce back was his easy victory in the SC primary on Feb 29, which was being attributed largely to support from the state's African American voters.

Twenty-two names will appear on the ballot today as Missouri Democrats head to the polls to choose a nominee for president.

Tuesday night, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Washington, and North Dakota will take center stage in the Democratic primary, and Bernie Sanders will be desperate for some wins after a disappointing showing in the Super Tuesday primaries a week ago.

The biggest prize of the night will be in MI, which will award 125 delegates, but voters will also cast ballots in Idaho (20 delegates), MS (36), Missouri (68), North Dakota (14), and Washington (89). His only competitive opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, underperformed expectations and is looking to staunch the loss of momentum that came with the defeat.

The latest polls for MI, however, have Biden with a lead of between 15 and 20 points.

Elections are also being held in Washington, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho and North Dakota.

Given the importance of female voters, it is hardly surprising that Mr Biden's votes on reproductive health would be scrutinised. In this case, though, I think the image of a last stand seems to me totally fitting.