Pete Buttigieg to pull out of Democratic race for White House


On the campaign trail, Klobuchar painted herself as a pragmatist who would be a more effective leader than progressive candidates Sens.Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren She told audiences she could bring the "receipts", citing the over 100 bills she'd gotten passed in the Senate.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA, who is now the third-place contender in the race following former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg's decision to drop out on Sunday, came in third with support from 16 percent of voters.

He scoffed during last week's presidential debate in Charleston, South Carolina, about Sanders's praise for Cuba's Fidel Castro, saying the party couldn't win by displaying nostalgia for the 1960s.

Biden added a swipe at one of Sanders' signature lines during an appearance on "Fox New Sunday": "The people aren't looking for revolution". Numerous donors were angry to have learned of Buttigieg's decision from media reports and said they felt blindsided by the move.

The newfound confidence came at a crossroads in the Democratic Party's turbulent primary season.

Mr Sanders remained the undisputed front-runner.

The subsequent protests forced Mr Buttigieg off the campaign trail for almost a week, including skipping a key campaign event in SC, and further revealed the existential problem if his campaign. In fact, some vowed to keep fighting no matter what happened on Super Tuesday.

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Biden claimed a handful of new endorsements and fundraising successes on Sunday in his quest to project strength. The results of South Carolina's primary were evidence that the broad coalition of voters needed to carry the former mayor to victory in the Democratic primary had not been activated.

But a handful of high-profile political strategists with ties to the former president encouraged Mr Biden's rivals, including Mr Bloomberg, to quit the race to allow anti-Sanders' Democrats to unify behind Mr Obama's former vice president.

It's something that voters who were at the event said they agreed was critical. Biden is aiming for a strong showing to show he is the leading moderate alternative to U.S. Senator Sanders, a democratic socialist from Vermont.

A whopping 1,357 delegates are available on Tuesday, compared to just 155 that have been allocated so far. He left Nevada, however, with only three delegates, while Sanders earned 24 and Biden nabbed nine.

In the 2020 primaries, even more so than in 2016, this layer of the black upper-middle class is being mobilized to prop up the Democratic Party establishment against the challenge posed by the Sanders campaign. But Biden now goes into Super Tuesday having won SC by an overwhelming margin, and Buttigieg's decision may well help consolidate moderate support for Biden. "The truth is that the path has narrowed to a close, for our candidacy if not for our cause". The bad news is, he may not be able to fully capitalize in Super Tuesday contests, in part because so many ballots have already been cast by way of early voting, and in part because he hasn't had the resources to campaign in many of these states.

The use of race-based appeals to black working people in SC as a means of blocking Sanders' class appeal was so brazen that one black professor, Eddie Glaude Jr. of Princeton, appearing Sunday as a pundit on NBC's "Meet the Press" program, admitted, "I would have never imagined, although I understand the data, that African Americans would in some ways be the firewall for the moderate wing of the Democratic Party". "Come November, I believe Vice President Biden will beat Donald Trump and become the 46th President of the United States".

A week after that, six more states hold primaries, and four more hold theirs a week after than. He predicted victory there and attacked Biden's record on foreign policy, trade and Social Security, among other issues. I think it's safe to say that Bernie has hurt himself with these Castro comments in Florida. After all, Donald Trump was 70-years-old when he was inaugurated.