New Yorkers rankled on first day of statewide plastic-bag ban


NY joins California, Oregon and several cities including Boston and Seattle in an effort to curb plastic contributions to landfills.

New York's ban has also drawn criticism from environmental groups who don't want NY to allow any plastic bags at all.

The law aims to help protect wildlife and the environment in the state where over 23 billion plastic bags are used by New Yorkers each year, according to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Some of these alternatives Small suggested was repurposing shipment boxes and giving them to students, instead of having to pay for a reusable bag if they can't afford it. That's why I only took one. Single-use paper bags will still be allowed, but counties have the option of imposing a 5-cent fee. "It would normally be two or three bags". This time, several New Yorkers interviewed by AFP at the exit of supermarkets said they were ready.

New York's ban exempts bags used for restaurant takeout food, plastic bags used to wrap meat, and bags used for prepared food.

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One enterprising Ithacan chose to sell plastic grocery bags on Craigslist for $10 last month, but may have made a decision to keep them! We're trying to get cheap mesh bags for them.

"This is it!" the store's manager said.

Plastic material has been at the center of a partisan environmental degradation debate, and many argue that these bags aren't biodegradable, kill aquatic life and the Earth's ozone layer. "We started with a two-store pilot because we know we have a lot to learn from our employees and customers as we make this transition", Wegmans spokesperson Tracy Van Auker told 14850 Magazine a year ago.

At the Bay Ridge Stop & Shop in Brooklyn, some shoppers were so ticked off that they blindly lashed out Mayor Bill de Blasio, who supports the ban but in reality did not pass it - the state did. I took my own advice and put a couple of old single-use grocery bags in my jacket pockets, too! "I told them I needed bags, and they snuck me a few".

According to Kate Kurera, deputy director of the environmental organization Environmental Advocates of NY, the measure should "significantly reduce " Plastic pollution, despite multiple exemptions. Specifically aimed at reducing pollution in waterways, landfills and factory emissions, the law will disallow businesses from distributing any type of thin plastic bags to consumers. "Together, we can create a cleaner future for our city and planet".