Netflix to reduce streaming quality in Israel amid outbreak


Netflix, Disney, YouTube, and Instagram have all announced they're temporarily throttling their video streams in Europe to help mitigate the bandwidth strain created by COVID-19, as millions hunker down to slow the spread of the pandemic.

Mobile networks are likely to come under increased pressure as people increasingly use home internet to work and stream online content.

A Hotstar spokesperson had said the company's video streaming is based on adaptive bit rate streaming, which ensures that it is "lean" in internet consumption.

Netflix was urged to reduce the quality of their video also during the pandemic, prompting them to do so in Europe and Latin America.

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Facebook is going to downgrade video streaming quality on its platform and on Instagram in Europe, the latest U.S. tech giant to respond to an European Union call to stave off Internet gridlock as thousands work from home due to the coronavirus outbreak. While YouTube viewing has historically spiked in the evening when people are off work, consumption is now more steady across the day, the company said.

Collectively, streaming platforms account for a major chunk of global Internet traffic. From today, videos will start playing in standard definition by default for the next month, though you can still bump up the resolution manually from the settings.

"Given the crisis, we've developed a way to reduce Netflix's traffic on telecommunications networks by 25 percent while also maintaining the quality of our service". Netflix has also cut back on bit rates in India, but YouTube is the first in this group to extend this temporary policy worldwide. Keeping in mind the current circumstances, the service has chose to cut back on the bit rate on the streaming videos for a period of 30 days in the United Kingdom and Europe. Then click on the link and find out more or sign up for a subscription: This link is an affiliate link. The company said that they deployed a way to reduce traffic by 25% in Italy and Spain, and are implementing it across the United Kingdom and the EU. "In the larger consumer and national interest, we are geared to dynamically make changes and are prepared, say, to reduce the bitrate for our HD streams should the need arise".