Minor league baseball will delay season in response to coronavirus pandemic


An exhibition game between the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics has already been canceled because of the edict. Today, for example, he made the suspension of all Spring Training camps official.

"MLB will continue to evaluate ongoing events leading up to the start of the season", the statement continued.

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Stay at their team's spring training complex 2. "Others are going to want to go home, some are going to want to go to L.A.", he acknowledged.

For now, Major League Baseball (MLB) continues to make important decisions to protect Major League Baseball players, fans, and staff. And presumably we would need to feel better as a community about the status of the global pandemic before we were to return to "normal" large gatherings of sporting events with crowds. This plan of action came from discussions between the league and players' union, and is in response to the coronavirus outbreak. "I want these guys to understand: When this season starts, we've got to be in like June 1 form. I don't think any of us know what's coming or how long this is going to last", said Nationals starter Patrick Corbin on Thursday, relaying the same confusion felt by his teammates. Lorenzen was chosen only because Butcher knew he'd say yes and that he would speak intelligently and coherently about what the players were facing as the COVID-19 pandemic shut down Major League Baseball. "I think whenever the starters are going to be ready, that's kind of when the season would start back up". We understand that it's serious, but the Yankees have a ton of resources in the area. But you just have to look at this week to see how much things have changed. They plan to stay in West Palm Beach for the time being and reconvene for a team meeting Saturday. Beyond uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, the concern for pitchers' arms is another big reason Major League Baseball couldn't just pick an Opening Day date and stick to it. Major League Baseball will have to consult clubs, who will have to consult their pitchers, who will have to be confident they won't hurt themselves.