Man waves swastika flag at Bernie Sanders rally in Phoenix


Democracy Now! gets a response from Raquel Willis, a journalist and activist and former executive editor of Out magazine who had endorsed Elizabeth Warren for president. In her final weeks as a candidate she effectively drove former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of NY, a centrist billionaire, out of the race with debate performances that flashed her evident skills and political potential.

The Sanders rally came two days after the self-described democratic socialist was dealt a crushing blow on Super Tuesday, winning only four states to former Vice President Joe Biden's 10.

Warren's heart base of service is a combination of progressives brought to her daring agenda and well-educated women who supported Clinton in 2016.

And she continued to vocally back him on Friday, sending out an email to supporters that said, 'Bernie Sanders can win this nomination, but it won't be easy'.

"I know how hard all of you have worked. If you say, 'Yeah, there was sexism in this race, ' everyone says, 'Whiner.' And if you say, 'No, there was no sexism, ' about a bazillion women think, 'What planet do you live on?'"

Trump went on to note that he had been "all set" to face Biden's rival, Bernie Sanders - a "communist", as the president referred to the Vermont senator. She lost her home state of MA to Joe Biden. Warren, who believes strongly that "personnel is policy", had binders full of liberal professionals she pushed Clinton to appoint instead of the old-guard centrists who had staffed prior administrations. "Even a win in MI would just be the first step in a long journey back to front-runner status for Sanders-but every comeback has to start somewhere", writes Silver.

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With the exits of Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren and Mike Bloomberg, Biden finds himself with 54 per cent of the support from potential Democratic primary voters, according to Morning Consult. Warren asked. "Is that a question they asked everybody else who dropped out of this race?" Bernie Sanders' (I-VT) campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona on Thursday night. Sanders has done well with the group in other parts of the country, but recent comments about deceased Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro could have cost him some support in Florida.

Supporters New Times spoke to at the rally said they were disappointed after Super Tuesday - but their hope for their candidate of choice largely rests on Warren. "But evidently I was wrong".

I doubt that Bernie will be able to motivate so many younger voters to vote that it will more than make up for the loss of voters who will sit the election out if he's the Democratic nominee.

One of the most notable moments of Warren's campaign was her debate evisceration of Bloomberg, something she alluded to on Thursday.

"It really wakes you up and you see how bad things really are and the climate that we're in", she said. "And I think it's a two-way street".