IL 2020: Biden Leads Sanders in the Prairie State


Despite Sanders' strong support among LGBT voters, Biden is set to deliver a knockout punch in the race. Sanders won 53% of the vote in North Dakota, and the edge in Washington's final delegate count remains up for grabs.

Following President Trump's address from the Oval Office where he announced a travel ban on Europe, both Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden made their own remarks on the outbreak and slammed the current administration's handling of the ongoing pandemic. And he argued that he was "strongly winning in two enormously important areas which will determine the future of our country" - what he referred to as the ideological and generational debates. Exit polls have shown that those under 30 largely favor Sanders, while older Americans back Biden. "And you must speak to the issues of concern to them".

"The campaign's top priority is and will continue to be the health and safety of the public", the campaign said earlier in a statement. "You know, I think it's no great secret that there was a lot of nervousness at a time when you had people like Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg and [Mike] Bloomberg, kind of splitting the more moderate vote, so there was an effort to try to get rid of all of those folks". But he also mischaracterized some of his administration's new travel policies and described the threat as a "foreign virus", though Americans are infected along with many in other countries.

"There has been pressure from day one", Sanders said, instead.

DecisionDesk called the race for Sanders, giving him 34.3 percent of the vote to Biden's 27.5.

Biden, 77, and Sanders, 78, will debate in Phoenix on Sunday ahead of next week's nominating contests in Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio.

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"I strongly disagree with that assertion", said Sanders. Especially if he's swept in all states next week, Sanders is expected by backers and Democratic insiders to leave the race. He asked Biden, "Are you really going to veto a "Medicare for All" bill, if it is passed in Congress?"

She correctly cites the Iowa caucus embarrassment, the impossibly long primary voting lines in California (which still hasn't figured out the delegate division between Sanders and Biden) and Texas, and gingerly blames political reporters for not looking beyond the next news cycle and concentrating on a possible electoral crisis.

"We will continue to implement our mission: putting together a broad and diverse coalition to make Donald Trump a one-term President and restoring the soul of the nation", the memo continues.

Jane O'Meara Sanders and Sen.

Several American territories vote this week, and on Tuesday voters in the delegate-rich states of Florida, Arizona, Illinois and OH will weigh in. He is scheduled to appear on NBC's "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Wednesday, but he has not announced other public events.