How the new CBA impacts the Rams in 2020 and beyond


While most of the world of sports has either canceled events or press pause because of the coronavirus, the NFL is expected to begin its new league season at 3 p.m. CT on Wednesday.

He was referring to Tony Romo's deal with CBS.

The NFL players voted to approve the proposed new CBA. The players' share of league income will also rise from the current 47% to as much as 48.5% by 2021.

The new CBA will certainly create multiple ripple effects for the Bears, one of which may ironically be an extension for Robinson. The playoffs will also be expanded with seven teams representing each conference, and just the top-seeded team earning a first-round bye week.

With a new CBA in place, teams will only have one franchise tag at their disposal instead of the two that were given in the previous CBA. As a result, the new CBA will allow the National Football League to expand its regular season from 16 to 17 games as early as 2021 and expand the playoff field from 12 teams to 14 as soon as the 2020 season. In light of that, teams will have until Monday to choose to use their franchise tag or not.

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While the players will be better off financially, they will now need to put their bodies under more strain.

"The current proposal contains increases across nearly every category of wages, hours, working conditions and benefits for current and former players". Interestingly, since 51.5 percent of players approved the CBA, a block of minimum-salary players voted against their own economic interests.

We'll also immediately (yes, in 2020!) add an extra playoff team per conference, making the total 14.

The NFL had been in a bit of a standstill with the future of the Collective Bargaining Agreement hanging in the balance with the votes of the players, but on Sunday morning all of that was put to an end when the players voted in approval. For players past, this deal reaches back in an unprecedented way to increase pensions, benefits and make resources available to them. The interest and passion on the issues that our members have voiced in the past several weeks needs to continue.