Hailey Bieber reveals what really won Justin over


"These videos were all shot in places in nature that meant something to me over the years and I'm thrilled that my fans get to experience the music with these concepts in mind", Bieber told Apple Music. "I don't know, I feel like she loves me regardless of anything I do, but..." When DeGeneres asked how many children he and his wife want, the longtime star replied, "I think it's up to Hailey because it's her body". Bieber then acknowledged Fallon deserved some credit for getting the couple back together, to which the talk show host quipped, "You'd think I'd be invited to your wedding".

Despite the conflict over his appearance, Justin insisted all was good in his marriage, as he spoke about his 26th birthday celebrations Hailey had planned for him. He added that Hailey decorated the house and had a movie playing. "She's got me wrapped around her finger pretty much".

Not to give a man a cookie for doing the bare minimum (i.e., taking his wife into consideration), but we'll go out on a limb and say he deserves at least a few crumbs for this one. "It's pretty cool", he says.

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"All Around Me" and "Habitual" both appear on Bieber's fifth studio album, "Changes", which arrived on Valentine's Day.

Justin also marked the occasion by throwing a fun bash at West Hollywood hotspot Delilah in California over the weekend and, prior to the party, he reportedly enjoyed a private dinner with Hailey.

The two cuddled, kissed and danced the night away, with several PDA moments captured in videos posted on social media.