Blizzard reveal Echo origins as fans wait on release date news


Overwatch has a brand new hero to show off, in the form of a character who represents "the cutting edge of technology" according to Blizzard. Check out Echo's origin story short below. It's been a long time since a new hero was added to the roster and this will be the first new character added to the game since Sigma.

It is possible that Echo is the new hero, but the nature of the audio clip suggests that the experiment might have been a failure, opening up a slew of other possibilities. Overwatch's limitations on AI meant that Echo's capabilities were also limited - she became a multirole adaptive robot programmed to assist in whatever Overwatch needed.

Echo's primary fire ability is Tri-Shot, a ranged ability where three projectiles are fired from her hand in a triangle formation. You can apparently even catch a sight of Echo on the payload in the Route 66 map. Medical support, construction, piloting - Echo could do anything except important independent decision making.

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If you have been an avid gamer of Blizzard Entertainment " s multiplayer first-person shooter video game called Overwatch, you would probably already remembered all the characters on the game. And no, she is in no way related to Amazon Echo. Yesterday, Overwatch's Twitter account released an image of a log entry by Dr. Mina Liao, an original founding member of Overwatch, and creator of the Athena prototype. Well, she can fly, throw sticky bombs, breakthrough damaged barriers super fast, and more. "We're really excited to see the different creative ways that you end up using this ultimate ability". We haven't heard anything about her and her technological creations and experiments since early 2016.

It was widely assumed Echo would be joining the cast after fan speculation. That's a helluva lot of recordings and pronunciations to get right, huh?

Unfortunately for those wanting tank and support heroes to be here soon, the wait goes on, but at least we know they're coming.