Bernie Sanders Staying in Presidential Race Despite Poor Primary Showing


Biden also won resounding victories in MS and Missouri, states where he enjoyed strong support from Black voters.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday called for a sweeping national response to the coronavirus outbreak, chiding President Donald Trump for a response he said was woefully insufficient and warning that the widening public health crisis should not be viewed through a lens of politics.

The results in Washington state are yet to be determined, with Sanders encouraged by vote counts so far.

LGBT voters have turned out in disproportionately high numbers in 18 states that have staged Democratic primaries thus far.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Bernie Sanders hasn't held true campaign events since Tuesday and instead addressed reporters from a hotel in Burlington, Vermont.

Among them, the Vermont senator said, was a challenge to Biden on Sanders' signature issue: health care.

Biden, 77, is in a heated race for the Democratic presidential nomination against his 78-year-old rival Sanders.

"We are winning the generational debate", he said, urging the party to "win the voters who represent the future of our country".

Sanders has also acknowledged that MI is critical as a test of his message of revolution against the economic status quo. A strong debate performance could boost Sanders' standing ahead of consequential contests in Arizona, Illinois, Ohio and Florida, all states that he lost in 2016.

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While he remained defiant, Sanders did make a number of unusual statements, accepting both his losses during the primary race and perceptions that he would fare less well against Trump. The progressive senator believes voters see moderate Biden as more electable and more likely to beat President Donald Trump.

By fighting on, Sanders will get the face-off with Biden that he has long desired. The two candidates will debate one-on-one Sunday in Arizona - though due to coronavirus fears, there will be no live audience.

Biden shrugged off Sanders' attacks for his support for worldwide trade deals like the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement, which is unpopular in MI where workers say it cost the state jobs.

"There's no doubt that the polling and momentum right now is with Vice President Biden, and Sen".

Biden, who had touted the Obama administration's decision to bail out the state's dominant auto industry, made a morning campaign stop on Tuesday at Detroit's first new auto assembly plant in decades, owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV.

"When he wasn't doing well in the polls I was really concerned", she said, adding that his stunning comeback on Super Tuesday "put my confidence back". Today, swearing is always a winning strategy; as I've written before, had Jeb Bush punched Trump in the nose after the latter insulted his family in the early 2016 debates, we might have a different president today.

But Sanders supporter Frank Anderson, a 24-year-old software engineer, said he was optimistic for a victory, noting how Sanders triumphed in the 2016 MI primary over Hillary Clinton.

The next few days will be critical for Sanders campaign, with Biden poised to build what could be an insurmountable lead in the coming contests, which are less favorable to the senator.