WNBA legend on how Kobe Bryant was changing "mindsets of other men"


Camas High School Principal Liza Sejkora sparked outrage when she made the remarks in a since-deleted Facebook post on January 26 - after Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven others died when the Lakers legend's chopper went down in Calabasas, California. "Seems to me that karma caught up with a rapist today", according to CNN affiliate KATU.

After being called on the carpet, the school administrator apologized in an email to parents, admitting that her post was "inappropriate and tasteless", and "a personal, visceral reaction" to Bryant's history. Sejkora confirmed that the post was indeed hers.

The next day, she sent a message to families apologizing for suggesting that Bryant's death was deserved, and apologizing for the disruption her post caused at school. Bryant admitted to cheating on his wife with the accuser but maintained he was innocent of assault. The criminal charges were dropped, but Bryant later conceded that though he viewed the sexual encounter as consensual, his accuser did not. The woman later filed a civil suit against Bryant that was settled out of court.

When CNN reached out to Sejkora previously, she declined to comment.

Following backlash and threats, the school district superintendant, in a statement on Tuesday, announced Sejkora has been placed on administrative leave while the district investigates her Facebook post, We Are Iowa reports.

Snell said that in the time since, many students were put "in a really hard position of either being for or against Dr. Sejkora and that's not fair to you".

Gianna Bryant's number retired at her school
Gianna and her father were among nine killed in a helicopter crash into a hillside in Southern California last week. She also shared a video of a clip from "Extra TV" where Kobe talks about himself, his likes and dislikes.

Police were investigating several electronic threats against Sejkora, but found nothing credible. I love being principal at Camas High School. She followed the post with a shrug emoji.

"Trust between a principal and a school is so critical, and it's become clear to me in my time here that that trust has been broken", Camas School District Superintendent Jeff Snell said in a video directed to students. "My emotions and past experiences got the best of me in that moment".

"Honestly, I think she should step down, personally", Logan Schmidt, a senior at Camas High told KATU-TV. "I'm hopeful that my regret will garner me some trust moving forward".

"You may be aware that a copy of a social media post I made on my personal Facebook page is circulating digitally in our community".

"The road ahead will be challenging", Snell said in his statement.