The global spread of the coronavirus: Where is it?


The third case of coronavirus in the USA was confirmed in Southern California on Saturday, according to the Orange County Health Care Agency's Communicable Disease Control Division.

In the United States, meanwhile, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said a third person, who was traveling from Wuhan, tested positive in the U.S. They were located in Santa Ana in Southern California, and it's the first known person to test positive for coronavirus in California after one person was found with the virus in Chicago and another was found in Washington state last week.

Authorities said on Sunday morning that around 56 people have died so far in China, including death in Shanghai, one of the largest cities in China.

All six NSW patients that are likely Coronavirus cases had been in Wuhan, China, which is the epicentre of the cornavirus outbreak.

The virus has also spread to 11 other countries, including Australia, France and the US, where two cases have been confirmed.

Ocean Park, a rival amusement park on Hong Kong's main island, said it was also closing its doors.

Almost all of those who died were in the Wuhan region, but officials have confirmed at least four deaths elsewhere.

Teacher Diana Adama has been living in Wuhan city for three months of her 15 years in China.

China Association of Travel Services has told travel agencies to halt all group tours, as millions of people traveling during the holiday have helped fueled the spread of the outbreak - both inside the country and elsewhere.

Two people from the Chinese city - a man in his 40s and a woman in her 30s - have been treated in hospital for fever.

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The US has confirmed two cases of the virus in patients who had recently entered the country from Wuhan.

Scans showed the virus may be present in the lungs of individuals with no obvious symptom, making it near impossible to identify and contain people.

Health officials in Canada have been preparing for the arrival of the virus for weeks, with hospitals questioning patients about their travel and testing those with symptoms.

Canada, Australia and Malaysia also reported their first cases Saturday.

"I believe the Wuhan city government can defeat this (epidemic)", said a man who gave only his surname, Wan.

France's foreign ministry said it was working on "eventual options" to evacuate French citizens from Wuhan "who want to leave".

Heavy equipment works at a construction site for a field hospital in Wuhan in central China's Hubei Province.

French automaker PSA said Saturday it was evacuating its expatriate employees and their families from Wuhan and quarantining them in another city.

The government has said most of the fatalities involved people already weakened by pre-existing health conditions.

Vietnam confirmed two cases of the virus on Thursday.