Samsung unveils its new foldable Galaxy Z phone


While it is likely that Samsung will sell and make much more money on the latter, it seems to be more heavily promoting the foldable. You can also change the look of the device by utilizing the complementary pebbled leather cover. When closed it is a small, wallet-sized device, but when opened it is a full-fledged 6.7-inch smartphone. No notch or cutout is necessary, as Samsung is utilizing the 21.9.9 aspect ratio on this smartphone.

Past year it introduced the Galaxy Fold, which featured a plastic display, but was largely panned in its debut. In the United Kingdom, a 4G version of the S20 is a little cheaper, at £799.

Meanwhile, Sam's Club members will be able to preorder any Galaxy S20 versions beginning today, February 12th. The 6.2-inch S20 and 6.7-inch S20+ share the same resolution (3,200 by 1,440 pixels).

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One of the more practical camera modes introduced for the S20 is Single Take, which uses the camera alongside AI to pick out, and create a portfolio of, all the best moments you capture in one shot.

A cutout on the main screen allows Samsung to install a 10MP Selfie Camera with F2.4 lens, Pixel size: 1.22μm, and FOV: 80˚.

The star of the show was unsurprisingly the new Galaxy S20 lineup, jam-packed with best-in-class features that reaffirm the Galaxy series' well-earned place as the most impressive Android hardware on the market. "And now you can shoot it yourself, right from your phone". The S20's all-new camera systems were covered at length, and for good reason: whereas competing phones have relied heavily on software tricks to drive image quality improvements, Samsung is unabashadley throwing hardware at the problem with a 64 telephoto megapixel camera. There's no such guarantee with the Galaxy S20, so you'll be at the mercy of Samsung and wireless carriers as to when you'll see future updates. And the Galaxy S20 is no different. When flexed but not fully open the device "automatically splits into two 4-inch screens so you can easily view images, contents or videos on the top half of the display, and control them on the bottom half", says Samsung. We haven't tested it yet, but it looks like the Galaxy S20 line has the Pixel family beat in almost every regard when it comes to hardware.