Mike Bloomberg floods Instagram with memes in attempt to look ‘cool’


"You can just take the description, Xerox it and pass out to all the cops".

He added: "Put those cops where the crime is, which is in the minority neighbourhoods".

In the audio, he acknowledges that focusing police forces in minority neighbourhoods means minorities are disproportionately arrested for cannabis possession, but dismisses that as a necessary outcome of the crime in those neighbourhoods.

"And they say, 'Oh, I don't want that, I don't wanna get caught.' So they don't bring the gun", he says. They are male minorities, 15 to 25. "The Curious Case of #MiniMike Bloomberg", Wicked tweeted with the video.

Trump also seemed to take aim at the backlash Bloomberg has recently faced over his controversial "stop and frisk" policing policy, despite the President supporting the policy himself.

The meme strategy is a play to connect with the young folk and challenge President Donald Trump's strong social media presence. "I wouldn't have begged for forgiveness", he said.

Now, it appears he's turned his attention to Instagram, as The New York Times reports his campaign has begun to reach out to influencers and meme accounts and offered to sponsor posts created to position him as hip and cool. During his tenure, use of the practice increased sevenfold. A New York Times analysis estimates the Trump re-election campaign or its associated committees raised $154m in the last three months of 2019 and have $195m on hand.

Democratic strategist Rebecca Katz noted that Bloomberg's rivals will have a long record to sift through to try to highlight unflattering moments of his career.

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This is viewer supported news. Both have received a number of prominent African American endorsements and have been holding campaign events specifically aimed at the black community.

On Thursday, Warren criticized Bloomberg for suggesting the end of redlining caused the crash. "Mike needs to offer an explanation to voters, especially those in communities of color, who were victimized by "stop and frisk" and continue to be victimized by racist policing tactics".

Instagram has been flooded with images of what appear to be private conversations between Mike Bloomberg and social media influencers, in which the 2020 Democratic hopeful asks for help looking "cool".

Billionaire activist Tom Steyer, running for the Democratic nomination, called the comments "extremely disturbing" and said all the candidates should disavow such "racist stereotypes".

"Mini Mike is a 5'4" mass of dead energy who does not want to be on the debate stage with these professional politicians.

The following day, Bloomberg tweeted again: "Donald Trump is the world's biggest schoolyard bully - with no respect for civility or decency, or facts or honesty".

Mr Bloomberg's campaign did not immediately comment on the audio.

"And then Congress got involved - local elected officials, as well - and said, 'Oh that's not fair, these people should be able to get credit.'" Bloomberg continued, "And once you started pushing in that direction, banks started making more and more loans where the credit of the person buying the house wasn't as good as you would like".