Mike Bloomberg campaigns as the 'un-Trump' in Philadelphia


Michael Bloomberg's presidential campaign appears to have plagiarized portions of its policy plans from news outlets, research publications, non-profit organizations and policy groups.

Just as he did during his campaign swing in California, the advertisement tries to portray Mr. Bloomberg as the candidate who is best equipped to beat Mr. Trump in November.

Bloomberg is planning to expand his staff to at least 2,000 personnel nationwide and to double his ad spending in the television markets, where he's now airing commercials touting his candidacy, a senior campaign official confirmed to CBS News.

Other attendees, like Todd Westby, were more upbeat about Bloomberg.

Bloomberg also supported her successful 2014 campaign for governor. Strategists say Bloomberg authorized his team to move forward on both of those things Tuesday morning.

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Although Raimondo's approval ratings in Rhode Island have been less than sterling, she's well known in national Democratic circles as an ace fundraiser, former chair of the Democratic Governors Association and someone who made her name with a widely heralded pension overhaul as state treasurer.

On Sunday, Bloomberg's campaign denied it had requested a box and taunted the president's "fake hair, his obesity and his spray-on tan".

Bloomberg, who is skipping the first four contests in February, is immediately increasing spending on ads in markets where they're now airing and starting ads in new ones after the Iowa Democratic Party delayed the results from Monday's caucuses, the campaign said. But the early indications from Iowa suggested that the former vice president was highly unlikely to win the state. But in private, Bloomberg advisers have been making intensive overtures to Democratic elected officials to seek their support, including reaching out to officials who have already endorsed Mr. Biden and other Democratic candidates.

While the rest of the Democratic field was battling it out in Iowa, Bloomberg was out west. "Meanwhile, we are taking the fight to Trump every day". He said the aide answered, "Nothing". "There are lot of people, including Deval Patrick, including former Mayor Bloomberg, who want to do everything they can to beat Donald Trump - and they are saying we're going to jump in and leave everything on the field", said Raimondo.