Joe Biden Downplays Expectations In New Hampshire As Voting Gets Underway


"Our movement and our Iowa team quite literally shifted public opinion on the climate crisis-bringing Iowan public support for the Green New Deal to an unprecedented majority and helping to push Green New Deal champion Bernie Sanders to the top of the race".

Biden's fortunes could turn on voters like Pat Barrick, a 70-year-old independent who said she was once solidly with Biden but now is also considering Klobuchar, who finished just behind Biden in Iowa and has since seen a bounce in New Hampshire. "This is about actually picking the candidate who I personally would want more than anybody else".

Now, according to the most recent polls, Biden is struggling with Senators Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren for third place in snowy New Hampshire's "first-in-the-nation" primary.

After Tuesday, the race enters a new phase - a cross-country dash where the kind of one-on-one politicking that voters in Iowa and New Hampshire enjoy is impossible.

Thousands of Bernie supporters lined up for hours to get contained in the Durham rally whereas Trump's trustworthy additionally camped out in Manchester in freezing temperatures, displaying simply how dedicated every candidate's bases are.

Superdelegates are high-profile members of the Democratic Party who automatically get a vote at the convention.

"Disagree with me on health care - fine".

"This is a long race and I took a hit in Iowa and I'll probably take a hit here", Biden said.

That may be possible. She's also worked to contrast herself from the progressive candidates seeking the nomination - on Friday, she was the only debate participant to express concern that Sanders, a democratic socialist, had become the front runner.

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Probably not enough of them to give a major boost to the president's most serious Republican primary rival, former MA governor Bill Weld, but Weld was reminding voters of the environmentalist legacy of New England Republicans and telling small crowds, "We have to believe in science". Among those who consider themselves moderate or conservative, Buttigieg was the clear victor, at 24 percent, leading Biden (15 percent) and Sanders (13 percent).

Biden predicts that Bernie Sanders will win in New Hampshire. "We have to let this full process play out", Biden senior adviser Symone Sanders said. All of the Democratic challengers defeat Trump in hypothetical national matchups, but the margins have edged closer in recent surveys, with Trump taking credit for a strong US economy and winning acquittal last week in the Senate on impeachment charges brought against him by Democrats in the House of Representatives. Her stump speech includes references to carpenters in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin dairy farmers and dock workers in MI, all states Democrats lost in 2016 and that the party needs to win in 2020. And instead of using a new app, New Hampshire will stick to paper ballots.

Biden's remarks were made during a Tuesday morning appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" while discussing Democrats' prospects in November. For their poll to be accurate, 2020 would have to have turnout rivaling that of the 2008 Barack Obama campaign. The actress, who unsuccessfully tried running for New York City governor in 2018, at one point mentioned Hillary Clinton and the name elicited immediate boos from the crowd, which did not sit well with the former Clinton supporter. "She has a military background but supports nonviolence and anti-interventionism", he added.

Another poor showing could shut off the spigot.

Dixville Notch in the state's northern tip, nearby Millsfield, and Hart's Location, further south and tucked in the White Mountains, are the first places to declare primary results because voters cast ballots early.

Supporters said they believed Warren still had a shot to win the nomination if she could hang on through Nevada and SC and make it to Super Tuesday on March 3, when more than a dozen states hold primaries.

Bloomberg's candidacy affects all those calculations.

Tuesday's primary, the second in a state-by-state nominating contest, will test the staying power of Massachusetts Sen. "It's going to have to be that money can't be the thing that buys influence".

-With assistance from Tyler Pager and Jennifer Epstein.