Int'l experts begin meetings in China over coronavirus outbreak


According to the World Health Organization, the number of confirmed cases globally as on Tuesday are 71,429 including 2,162 while new confirmed cases from China are reported to be 70,635 (2,051 new) and 1,772 deaths (106 new).

Earlier this month, the death of Wuhan doctor Li Wenliang - who had been punished by authorities for sounding the alarm about the virus in late December - triggered anger and calls for political reforms on social media.

One of the goals of the joint mission is to provide suggestions on the prevention and control of the coronavirus outbreak in China and globally.

"Today's numbers from China's national health commission show that the rate at which new cases reported outside Hubei province, where the epidemic has been concentrated, has dropped for two weeks".

But he added it was too early to know if the reported decline would continue.

The WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, while addressing a press conference at WHO headquarters in Geneva on Monday, said that a detailed paper released by China on more than 40,000 confirmed cases provided an insight into the age range of infections, disease severity and mortality rates.

Several countries have banned travellers from China and major airlines have suspended flights.

The fatality rate for these confirmed cases is 2.3% - 2.8% for males versus 1.7% for females.

Sony Reportedly Struggling to Keep PS5 Hardware Costs Down
The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has had no impact so far on preparations for PlayStation 5 production, they said. The more powerful hardware also requires a more elaborate (and expensive) cooling system than past Sony consoles.

Lethality means the capacity to cause death, or how often a disease proves fatal.

The firms are among scores of companies to shutter factories and stores or drastically reduce operations amid widespread infections with the virus, which originated in Wuhan, China, and has led to more than 60 million people being locked down. Beijing sought to forestall that by extending the holiday break, restricting travel and demanding 14-day self-quarantines for anyone returning from outside their immediate region. Outside China, the ship has the largest number of cases of Covid-19.

Results showed the overall case-fatality ratio - the percentage of patients who die - was just 2.3 per cent.

Cruise ship Diamond Princess, quarantined off Japan: 454, plus a quarantine officer. The infections have led to heavy criticism of the decision to quarantine passengers on the vessel.

The U.S. evacuated 328 American passengers, with a lot of them now in a 14-day quarantine at military bases in California and Texas.

The man's 51-year-old brother, who lived with him, tested positive for the disease on Saturday and was on Sunday announced as the nation's 20th confirmed case.

Three people in Ontario, who had recently travelled to the affected area in China, have tested positive for the virus.