Hannah Clarke and her children mourned at public vigil


"She did everything for those kids".

"Rowan was a man with a unsafe sense of possession and entitlement over his wife and children, particularly in the last three months, that I was concerned for", she said.

Hampson explained she experienced "almost nothing undesirable to say" about Charles - a former rugby player who represented New Zealand involving 2003 and 2007.

'While dealing with this truly hard time, my family and I are forever thankful to our neighbours and those who were first on the scene who tried to desperately help Hannah and the children.

'Hannah's resolution to offer our cops the info they required to make sure justice needs to be offered genuinely envelops the kind of individual Hannah was.

"It is the most lovely thing to see so many people offering donations and such kind messages - It has given the family hope for change and touched their hearts to know so many care", said Hannah's sister-in-law Stacey Roberts. "Until the last heartbeat brought a tidal wave of grief and anger", he wrote on social media. She is clearly stating what she thinks and what a police officer said.

The caring mother that you were followed her gut instinct always...

"We were in the ICU and we knew there was no hope, " Mr Farmer told The Australian.

"Any breaches of protection orders must be responded to appropriately by police, and men who fail to comply with restrictions placed upon them must be held accountable for their choices", Dr Heward-Belle said.

The crowd hugs each other at the insistence of family friend Nikki Brookes who spoke at the vigil.

So You Think You Can Dance 2008 victor Jack Chambers, who was co-captain at Whites Hill State College with Hannah, posted a moving tribute on Facebook this morning.

The children's father, Rowan Baxter, doused Ms Clarke and the kids in petrol and set them alight before killing himself.

On Wednesday, Hannah was on her approach to using the youngsters to university when Baxter ambushed them.

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Heartbreaking Instagram posts by Ms Clarke before her death had also revealed her dreams of setting an example to her daughters as "a survivor, not a victim" of domestic violence.

"We can't let their faces fade ... not another family, not another tragedy", Lou said.

Ms Brooks said 'by the time they're abusive husbands, we're already dancing with the devil and its too late'.

"That's why I want people to come and speak to us, if we are going to build a complete picture as to what has occurred, then we need to need to speak to everyone".

While she last saw Rowan "a long time ago", she says the horrific murders have left the family shell-shocked.

Dressed in pink - Ms Clarke's favourite colour - her father Lloyd Clarke and brother, Nat, thanked the crowd for their support. As reported by Daily Mail Australia, Taylor said, "We were at a family barbecue and he was at the grill and I walked over to him and he was sending hundreds of texts to other women".

"We would have felt lost without all your support", Lloyd Clarke said.

"You know, this has been for a week we have been in the news almost every day about this horrific tragedy", she said.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll commended Clarke's bravery and said she had planned to become a police officer.

The family members's charity is called Small Steps for Hannah as the only component of her body that had not been horrifically shed was the single of her foot.

Taylor - Baxter's first cousin on his mother's side - said that even she was left terrified when she reached out to support Clarke when she first left Baxter, who the terrified wife later accused of stalking her.

"Don't back away from your friends for the sake of convenience".