Extra Playoff Teams Coming To An NFL Near You


"NFL playoff structure is about to be changed". It will expand the number of playoff teams in each conference from six to seven according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The next weekend, the one team from each conference that earned a bye would face the lowest remaining seed and the highest seed that won on wild-card weekend would host the remaining team.

Kevin Harlan called both games at once and Arrowhead Stadium erupted in joy because as the Chiefs jumped New England and got the No. 2 seed and a bye in the playoffs.

This season, it would've meant the Rams would have ended up in the postseason in the NFC, playing at the Packers that first weekend instead of Green Bay getting a bye. And that's what the National Football League is all about. The current system expires after the 2020 season, and the NFL would like to have a new deal in place before March 18, the start of the league's calendar year.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Teardown! - Where is the Glass?!
The price itself isn't bad considering an me only, which doesn't inspire confidence given the phone's $1,380 price tag. Glass scratches at level 6 and this got him wondering why Samsung would say that the Z flip has a glass display .

"The membership voted today to accept the negotiated terms on the principal elements of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement". Do you think that 17 regular season games is one too many? No games were lost except the Hall of Fame's preseason opener.

Though the current 10-year labor agreement does not end until March 2021, the owners are pushing for a new agreement before the current league calendar year ends on March 18.

The NFL schedule and playoff format could look a lot different in the very near future. Implementing a deal in the middle of a league year is hard because newly negotiated terms like minimum salaries would have to be prorated. The NFLPA by no means needs to accept this proposal and could refuse it outright.