Ex-rugby player and his family burned to death in horrific fire


Former Warriors NRL player Rowan Baxter, originally from Tauranga, with his children at home in Brisbane. He was a murderer.

"We need to channel our despair into building a new whole of government, whole of community approach".

A relative of the Australian mother and three children killed in a auto fire in Brisbane on February 19 has said the children's father who allegedly set alight their vehicle is a "monster" who the family "exhausted themselves" trying to escape.

The father died on the footpath from self-inflicted wounds, police say.

Hannah died in hospital on Wednesday night.

The online fundraising effort - which has so far raised more than $71,000 - was launched by Nathaniel's wife Stacey Roberts who said that her in-laws had "exhausted themselves" in a bid to help their daughter "escape" her estranged husband.

The case has sparked national outcry over domestic violence.

On average, one woman per week is murdered in Australia by a current or former male partner, according to the Bureau of Statistics.

This article discusses domestic violence.

Earlier, Police Minister Mark Ryan told Queensland Parliament the people were found dead at the scene and also described it as a "horrific incident".

Rugby League star Rowan Baxter and wife Hannah Baxter had three kids
Rugby League star Rowan Baxter and wife Hannah Baxter had three kids

It's believed ex-NRL player Rowan Baxter, 42, doused the auto containing his wife and three young children in petrol, setting it alight.

Fox Sports Australia later changed the headline to: "Wife dies hours after her children were killed in vehicle inferno lit by league player father".

By leading with a quote from the murderer, this headline centres Rowan as a loving father.

"Information that's to hand has led us to believe that the Baxter children and Hannah Clarke were killed and I don't believe there's any suspicious circumstances around the death of Rowan Baxter", he said. According to BBC, Baxter and his wife separated a year ago and were trying to work on custody of their children.

"If he truly loved them he would not have killed his children in such a awful way". Her passion was "developing the physical abilities of children".

Why are we so quick to defend domestic violence perpetrators? "How long before we stop this slaughter in our suburbs?" The media needs to report accurately and sensitively on gendered violence. Their kids were Laianah, Aaliyah and Trey.

If you are anxious about your or someone else's mental health, the best place to get help is your GP or local mental health provider.

Hannah's brother Nat Clarke has started a fundraiser to help with funeral costs.

"I'm am now trying to help raise awareness about #violenceagainstwomen as monsters like this get away with this to often", Mr Clarke posted on Facebook.

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