Does 'Gravitational Pull' Allow Brooms to Stand on End on Certain Days?


As also explained by some posts, NASA was cited saying that the Earth's gravitational pull or the vernal equinox, or even the effect of 'full moon, ' made the trick possible.

A new challenge is sweeping the internet, quite literally.

In actuality, brooms can stand on their own at any given moment because the center of gravity is low on a broom and resides directly over the bristles, according to CNN.

After the initial video went viral, hundreds of people have been astonished to learn that they now have the ability to get their broom stand up on its own.

Visit Business Insider SA's homepage for more stories. The tweet, which has received over 250,000 likes at the time of this post, inspired thousands to upload their own videos of broom balancing acts.

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Many who tested the viral trend did so believing that it was possible only because the Earth has a peculiar tilt on February 10.

NASA took the opportunity to educate on the platform that inspired the viral challenge in the first place.

"According to the posts, NASA revealed that everyone around the world could make the "standing broom" trick since the planet Earth was said to be 'in ideal balance"- making the brush possible to stand up on its own.

"It's just physics", Drew responds, matter-of-factly.