Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary


Success in New Hampshire - like Iowa - offers momentum for the race ahead.

Senators Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren followed in third and fourth place respectively, while there was more disappointment for former US Vice President, Joe Biden.

Shortly after the polls closed, two candidates who performed poorly dropped out of the race altogether: philanthropist Andrew Yang and Sen.

Senator Bernie Sanders won the primaries on Tuesday night, with Pete Buttigieg very close second. Buttigieg narrowly beat Sanders in Iowa, but both campaigns have asked for a partial recanvass of results.

"What voters are afraid of in MI is losing again to Donald Trump", Stevens said.

It comes as a shock given that in the 2016 New Hampshire primary Sanders received 60% of the total vote. Candidates who fail to reach 15 percent of the vote don't get any delegates.

Limbaugh's remarks were played on Thursday morning's edition of ABC's The View shortly before Biden's interview, and the former vice president referenced those remarks at the beginning of his segment.

So how good are New Hampshire voters at narrowing down the final representatives from each party?

They talked about him having a "ceiling" of support, and how the majority would ultimately coalesce around a moderate candidate.

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Pete Buttigieg finished a strong second, but his success outside the first two states is still an open question. Neither did Sen. Warren, in a similar blow to her campaign. Amy Klobuchar with 20% of the vote.

Democratic candidates, she warned, can not "burn down the rest of the party" in order to win.

For candidates trailing after Iowa, the stakes are high in New Hampshire, leading to high drama and media attention.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen.

From "it's my civic duty as an American" to "it's my first vote" to simply a desire to see a change in Washington, many who who cast a ballot Tuesday in New Hampshire had a special and deeply personal reason for voting. At that time, some states with large groups of non-white voters will hold primaries. TMJ4'S Charles Benson talked with a key Democratic party leader who just returned for New Hampshire who feels confident about the road to Milwaukee.

A CNN/UNH poll conducted last week showed Sanders with a commanding lead among self-described liberal primary voters and primary voters under the age of 35.

The Minnesota senator campaigned energetically in the last few days before the vote, adding stops in three cities between Sunday and Tuesday. With Sanders favored to win the Nevada caucus on February 22, Warren can still play a big role in this campaign, even if her distant fourth-place finish in New Hampshire appears to leave her with no viable path to the Democratic nomination.

"We have beaten the odds every step of the way", Klobuchar told supporters in Concord. "Where I come from, that's the opening bell, not the closing bell".