West Texas Weather: All 4 Seasons This Weekend?


Though chances for damaging storms remain somewhat slight at midweek - about a 15% chance of developing - the National Weather Service on Wednesday issued alerts that strong winds and tornadoes are possible.

The area includes several major Texas cities including Dallas, Houston and Austin.

Severe weather threat for Saturday: The Storm Prediction Center outlines an area in which severe storms could develop Saturday including all of Alabama, much of Tennessee, Mississippi and western Georgia.

That region is home to about 1.1 million people.

Many people could be driving home from work between 2 and 4 p.m., she said, making the time period an especially bad one for severe weather. All types of severe weather are possible with damaging winds at the highest likelihood Saturday. Cities from Nashville to Birmingham, Alabama, to New Orleans will experience brief but powerful storms. With all that said, still remember that the chances of a tornado directly hitting you is slim to none, even in the higher threat days.

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In a briefing early Friday, the National Weather Service said the storm could bring wind gusts of up to 80 miles per hour (129 kph) or faster, the speed of a Category 1 hurricane.

Parts of IL, southern Wisconsin and MI could see heavy snow fall as the storm moves east, with 6 inches of snow possible in some areas, Hennen said.

The Midwest and New England areas won't escape unscathed. IL and MI are expected to face the brunt of the winter-front starting Friday night with a combination of snow, ice and freezing rain.

A separate round of storms will bring heavy snow into the higher elevations of the Northwest, Hennen said.